6 Of The Best Sandwiches In Kapolei

DB’s menu only contains one true sandwich, but it is a star.

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Meatless burger demonstrates new possibilities

People usually identify as optimists or pessimists, but I identify with both. I grew up pessimistically thinking I should enjoy all the seafood I could out of certainty that in my lifetime our fish stocks would be depleted or rendered inedible by ocean pollution and toxic buildup.

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The 5 Best New Restaurants on Oahu to Help You Refuel and Relax this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and while our heads may be weary and our hands are full from shopping, we need a place to fuel-up and relax. Here are some of the hottest new restaurants on Oahu from the south shore to the west coastline.

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DB Grill Introduces the Impossible Burger

DB Grill, the sister restaurant of Cafe Duck Butt founded by Jin Hong and Henry Yoon, is offering the Impossible Burger beginning today! Just what is the Impossible Burger? It's an award-winning, plant-based burger made by Impossible Foods.

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The Impossible Burger is expanding its footprint in Hawaii at Honolulu’s modern asian bistro, DB Grill.

The Impossible Burger is expanding its footprint in Hawaii at Honolulu’s modern asian bistro, DB Grill.

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Korean fusion thrives at DB Grill

The pair behind Cafe Duck Butt has opened DB Grill at Kapolei Commons, and the difference between their two establishments is like night and day.

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Cafe Duck Butt opens Duck Butt Grill in Kapolei

The dining options out west are finally taking a turn in the right direction. With the addition of solid fast casual spots like La Tour Cafe and Koa Cafe and fantastic dinner options like Eating House 1849 and Noe at the Four Seasons, Kapolei is gradually becoming a serious player in Oahu’s foodscape.

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Kimcheehoo! The fiery stuff veers off the Korean path

Want to hear a not-so-secret secret? Hawaii is the land of kimcheehoo! Have an ono piece of meat? Put kimchee on it. Have a hot dog? Put kimchee on it. Have a stack of fries? Put kimchee on it! Why? Because kimchee does a dish right!

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25 Reasons We Go Kapolei

First envisioned for development in 1955, designated as O‘ahu’s second city in the ’70s, the ‘Ewa Plain has continued growing. With more than 100,000 people living there now, its population is three times the size of Hawai‘i Kai’s and more than twice Pearl City’s.

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